Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time Flies. . . Just When Your Kids Get Interesting. . .

Just when your kids get interesting and you really want to spend time with them and you can have meaningful conversations with them, they go and get lives of their own.   What???  The boys are growing up so quickly.  Sprat will be going off to school and Big T has started driver's education, the book work.  My days of  following them around from ball field to ball field are over and our new adventures begin.
Advice to mothers of toddlers:  take lots of pictures, hold and hug them every chance you get, read to them often, and do not let anyone tell you how to raise  your child.  Listen to everyone's advice but make your own decisions.  I was stern with my boys and there are some that would say I was too strict with them over candy and soda and stuff like that.  I do not regret the way I raised my boys, I think they turned out pretty good.  I will tell you, with regard to the soda and candy thing, once you open that door you cannot shut it.  I tried to keep my kids away from soda as long as I could because I know from my personal experience that it is not good for you and no child should be drinking diet soda.  (please remember these are my opinions) 
Sprat, now that he is older, has decided for himself to stop drinking soda and sugary drinks.  He has not had a soda or sugary drink for a little over a year now.  He drinks mostly water and occasionally he will drink sweet tea if we are out to eat but not very often. 
Big T is finishing his first grading period at his new school and so far he has all A's and one B.  He will be taking one college class next semester.  He seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings very well.  We took Big T and one of his new friends from school to the local Fair a week ago and they had a blast.  Sprat was dating and the hubbs and I were able to enjoy all of the exhibits at the Fair.  We turned Big T and his friend lose at the Fair and the hubbs and I walked around like we were teenagers again.  I think this means the hubbs and I might get to date again.  Shhhh, do not spread that around.  I am afraid to say that too loud or too often, for fear it might not happen. 
Stay tuned as our parenthood adventure changes speed and lanes frequently. . . .

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Life . . .

Life is not all it is cracked up to be.  Life is:  hard, unpredictable, happy and sometimes sad. I think I have felt all of these emotions this week.  Heck, I think I had a couple of these all in one day.  This was a particularly difficult week.  When I have difficult weeks, it makes me want to hold my kids and never let them go.  Try explaining that to a 14 and 18 yr old boy, they do not understand. 
On my worst day this week I called the house on the way home and talked with Sprat, I told him how much I loved him and I cried most of the way home.  They may be making arrangements for me at the loony bin and I just do not know about it.
Sprat is not any closer to deciding on a college than he was two weeks ago.  We are on the trail of some scholarships though.  I do believe I could make a full time job out of searching for scholarships.  There are so many and you have to read all of the details before you can apply because there may be one little thing that would disqualify your child. 
Stay tuned for the scholarship hunt.. .

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Update On Job, School, and College Applications. . .

Big T's first business casual day this semester.  Big T's school will be having visitors from another county school system. They are coming to his school because they want to implement some of the things they are doing in their own school system.  I think that is pretty cool.  They must be doing something right to bring in other counties to check them out.  During this visit the students will be doing presentations for the visitors on what they have been studying.
Sprat is adjusting to his college and high school classes.  He seems to be balancing things well.  I got my first call from his high school English teacher.  Sprat really likes this teacher, he had him last year too.  I have not heard from Big T's teachers yet.  They are getting ready for their first exhibition  in November, I am looking forward to that.
It has been a year since I started my job.  I still cannot believe it has been that long.  This has been a crazy year for my crew, very emotional and a little stressful.  My schedule is still all over the place but, I do feel like I am making a difference, so I can take the up in the air schedule.  My kiddos have had to become a little more independent.
Sprat has applied to three colleges and has been accepted at two.  We are very excited for him.  Now we are on to the scholarship trail.  We make just enough not to qualify for need based help so we are on the trail of merit scholarships.  Stay tuned, Sprat has not nailed down his choice just yet and he may even apply to one more college before it is over.  

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Big T First Week of School. .

Wow! First week of school under our belt.  Big T has had a wonderful first week of school and I am so happy.  This could have gone so many different bad ways.  Lol!!  We were all a little nervous about how this would go and I still have some reservations but, so far I am very pleased.  
He is taking a career management class and his instructor brought out Dave Ramsey and shared parts of his DVD's.  I was thrilled and of  course Big T knew exactly who he was.  He was probably the only kid that knew who he was.  They have been talking about credit cards and mortgages, raise your hand if you were ever taught about credit cards or mortgages in high school.  Ha Ha Ha Ha  me either.  My kids have been taught about the whole credit cards are bad since I am an ardent Dave Ramsey fan/follower.  
In may they have been adding Star Wars quotes in with their math learning.  According to Big T she is not teaching math they are learning to solve problems.  Big T seems to be learning though and he is very excited to go to school each morning.  His first day he was very excited to show me his new computer they have issued them.  He was also excited about his google calendar and how his teachers add his assignments and how he knows that in November he has a big paper due for English composition. This is similar to what he will have once he goes to college like the Blackboard sites most colleges have so that the students can interact with the teachers.  He also has a sort of study hall but they call it Seminar.  They can work on homework or if there is a particular class they are struggling in they can go to that teacher and get extra help. This is the last 30 minutes or so of school.  The picture below is him after getting off the bus the first day.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Schedules to Adjust. . .

Took a remake of their picture from Sprat ' s first day of kindergarten.  You have seen these folks that go back and take the same picture after so many years well, this is my attempt at that.  I am not sure how good I did but here ya go.  Took this last night before we went out to eat to celebrate the last day of Summer since the Big T starts back to school today and Sprat will start next week at the community college.  This is going to be one crazy year with so may different schedules to coordinate.  Sprat working a high school and college schedule and Big T working his modified high school schedule.  Throw in mine and the hubbs schedules and this year can only be more interesting.  Ha ha ha ha!!  
Looking at these pictures together you can really see how much these two have grown up and yet how absolutely silly they still are.   They drive me crazy and many days I question whether I am a good mother or not and there are some people that question whether I am a good mother at all.  Looking at these pictures tells me I am a good mom and that my boys are happy, healthy, and grounded in who they are.  I love em to the moon and back, the loves of my life.  

Then August 2005
Kindergarten Sprat (5)/pre school Big T (2)

Now August 2017
Senior Sprat (17)/Freshman Big T (14)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

First Day of School and other stuff. . .

Big T went to his freshman boot camp yesterday.  It is very hard to believe that my little baby is starting High School and my first baby is starting his last year of High School.  This is going to be a huge year for our clan.  Stay tuned for lots of news of all the happenings. 
I am excited for Big T starting his new adventure  and Sprat starting his college classes.  Yep, Sprat will be starting college classes while he finishes his Senior year. 
We will be following all kinds of different schedules this year.  It is going to be crazy. 

First day of Kindergarten for Sprat, First day of pre-school for Big T

Friday, July 28, 2017

Cap and Gown. . . It's Officially Senior Year. . .

It is official, I have a senior.  Cap and gown ordered and senior portraits taken and this mama is not ready.  I went with Sprat to order everything and to pay for senior pictures.  He, of course, did not want mama over there "helping" him.   Some of my friends that had been through this before told me about the horrible wait and how hot it was sitting all crowded in one little room.  I was ready to wait.  We were running late as par for the course and I just knew we were going to extend our waiting time that much more.  I was very pleasantly surprised, we were second in line behind a set of twins. While Sprat was getting his make shift tux on I went to place the order for cap and gown with nobody in line.  By the time I was done Sprat  was getting out of the make shift tux and getting ready to go outside for his next set of pictures.  I decided he did not require my services any longer and I went on my way.
All in all it was almost painless, except for the fact that my baby is a senior (have I said that before?). Considering Sprat's class is the largest of his high school ever, boasting 350+, they did a great job.  I just hope the pictures will be of good quality, sometimes those school pictures do not turn out well at all.