Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Prom and Growing Up. . .

My sweet little boy is now a very handsome young man.  He looked so grown up in his tux.   He is still the same goofy kid though, he giggled and made jokes through the whole picture process.  He hates having his picture taken. 
They had lots of fun at the prom, it was a long night for me.  He did not get home until after 0230 that morning.  Being the mom that I am I did not go to sleep until he got home safely.  I did not give him a curfew because the young lady that he took, her parents are more strict than I am.  Can you believe that?   I figured they would require her home earlier.  It is funny with the new age of cell phones, parents can know where their kids are most all of the time.  Sprat said she was texting her parents and he was texting me as they were on the way home.  They stopped off at a friends house to hang out for a bit and then he took his date home.

Prom 2017

The Year 2000 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Growing, Growing, Why???

I do not know what bug this is going around but it is a bad, bad bug. My poor Big T has had it twice, and now the hubbs and I have it.  I have almost rubbed the finish off of my door knobs with Lysol wipes,  and oh the laundry I have done.  Laundry, laundry everywhere. . .  nothing clean to wear.   I am trying to keep Sprat from getting sick due to his severe allergies to antibiotics.  I am trying to keep Big T from getting sick a third time.
Big T was invited to attend a new school in the Fall, it is a STEM program and it will give him an opportunity to try some new things.  Big T is a different kid and marches to his on music, we are going to give this a chance and see where it takes him.  He will still be able to play sports with the high school so he is thrilled with that.  He looks forward to playing lacrosse on the same team as his brother.
It is hard to believe that Big T is finishing his 8th grade year and Sprat is finishing his junior year in high school and in just a few short months I will have a senior and a freshman in high school.  Am I really old enough to have  two high school students, I guess I am, these days I could have two college students.  It just makes me feel really old to think of my babies, one in his last year of high school and one in his first year of high school, to me they are still my precious babies.

This chubby little fella will be a Senior in just a few short months.

This very cute little guy will be a Freshman in those same short months.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

College Tours and What I Have Learned. . .

Sprat had said on numerous occasions that he did not want to go to a big school.  I thought it was important for him to visit a large campus and a small campus so that he would be sure that is what he wanted.  I picked a small campus that was close to us for our first visit.  Sprat fell in love with it, the most appealing thing was the 10 minute walk from dorm to class.  The draw back of smaller schools is that they may not have the major that your student is looking for.   This first campus tour set the level that all other tours would have to meet or exceed to be on his list of prospects.   This first tour was awesome because we actually met the Vice President of the University, he came in a sat with Sprat and I while we waited for our tour.  He was genuinely interested in what Sprat was going to major in and where he might go to school.  The one thing that stood out from this visit with the Vice President, he told us to pay attention to how the different schools treat you as a prospective student.  Do they care about the student's success or do they just care about the money.  That has gone with me and with Sprat to each visit.  We have paid attention to how they treated us as prospective students.  Our next visit was to a larger campus, here we were treated like a number and shuttled through just like one of the herd.  Sprat was not impressed with this University and there was no attempt to impress us with what they had to offer.  I knew going in that Sprat was not interested here but they did not know that.  Our third tour was another smaller campus, not as small as the first campus but smaller than the large Universities.   We were treated like dignitaries visiting another country here.  We received the red carpet treatment, we were driven around in a golf cart to visit the instructional buildings, dorm rooms, and the campus.  We had our interview first with an admissions counselor who wanted to make sure Sprat knew about every opportunity they had for him.  They also talked about scholarships he might be eligible for  and also told us about other places to look for scholarships.  In my eyes this University cares about their students and wants them to succeed, because if the student succeeds then the University succeeds.   They also gave us the contact information for the admissions counselor and told us to contact them if we had any questions or concerns.  That is the first time any of our tours gave us this type of information.   
The last tour I did not get to go on.  It was Sprat and the Hubbs alone.  That is kind of scary.  I sent my questions and all the things I wanted to know and just hoped that the hubbs would ask those questions.  This was another smaller University, it is a little closer than the others.   Even though this was a smaller University they behaved just like the "big boys."  The hubbs said all they talked about was how much money was required and when you had to pay it.  They do not offer the scholarship opportunities the previous University did.  Sprat was not impressed with any part of this University and neither was my hubby.  He said they were treated like a herd of cattle and there was not red carpet feel at this one.  The other thing that troubled me was that only 20% of the students were in state students and I am sorry I have a problem with Universities that only take a very small portion of students from their own home state.  
I do not need to be treated like a queen but I do want to be treated special since we are considering paying a great deal of money for a top notch education.   We do not have any other tours on the calendar right now because Sprat is pretty serious about school number three.   We will wait and see how the summer goes with his online class at our community college.  I think he will apply to school number one and school number three.  
We will have to wait and see though, you know how teenagers are and how they change their minds.
Stay tuned for the college search and application process. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Anniversary and UNC in the Title Game. . .

I am married to the very best man on the planet with the exception of my daddy and father in law.  I had not forgotten our anniversary but I did not have anything for my very sweet hubby today and he had not forgotten and even had gifts for me this morning.   I am one lucky lady.  He got me a new rosemary plant that I have been wanting since mine died a couple years ago and chocolate.   He also gave me a very sweet card, he took great pride in the fact that he had something planned and I did not.  Usually it is the other way around.
These twenty four years have flown by, it seems like yesterday we were preparing to go on our honeymoon.   We spent a week in Ft. Lauderdale with a day trip to Key West.  We had a blast eating fresh seafood and enjoying all the sites.  The drive to Key West was awesome and oh how I loved the conch fritters.  We went to the Mel Fisher museum in Key West that has some of the treasure on display from the Atochia that Mel Fisher discovered off the coast in 1984.  My mom and dad were there when they were bringing it all ashore  that day in 1984. It was really neat being able to see some of the treasure from his discovery.  Another win for the hubbs, he gave me a silver coin from the Atochia for my wedding gift and arranged the day trip to Key West to visit the museum.
I laugh and tell people we had to get married when we did, we had to plan our wedding around the NCAA tournament.  My mom and dad went to every tournament NCAA and ACC for as long as I can remember up till the last fifteen years.  My dad is a State grad and  they are big State fans still. My lease was up at the end of March and we had a very short window between my lease ending and the start of the tournament.  Not only would my mom and dad not be there but my hubby would not have any groomsmen either.  The groomsmen were all huge UNC fans. While we were in Florida the final game was played and it just so happens we were out to eat at a local bar and grill and of course they had the game on over the bar.  The hubbs and I did not care about the game, we are not Carolina fans.   We ended up sitting at the bar to eat and you will never guess but another Carolinian end up at the bar and he was a Carolina fan.  The bar tender assumed we were also Carolina fans and I proceeded to tell him that not everyone that lives in North Carolina is a fan of UNC.  North Carolina does have a couple other really good colleges.   Hence my title for this post.

Friday, March 31, 2017

College Tours. . .

Went on another college tour yesterday, to my Alma mater.  We have plans to go to the hubbs Alma mater next week and one other school and that is all we have.  Sprat wants to go somewhere small, where he want be in an English class of 300+ students.  He is a lot like his mama, even if he does not want to admit it.  I picked my college because at the time I wanted to go to pharmacy school and I wanted small classes.  Obviously I did not go to pharmacy school but, I did like the small class size and the small campus and I think I am doing ok with my biology degree.  I must admit, I felt proud to be back on campus and I felt proud that my son may attend my college.
It was funny, on the way home Sprat fell asleep and the hubbs and I were talking and the hubbs got a little misty at the thought that our oldest is growing up and will be moving on.  I do not think he has thought about it seriously before yesterday.  It hit him right in the face as we were riding on the golf cart across campus looking at all the buildings, touring the library and the dorm.  Our baby is growing up and will be going off to college in a year.  Oh Boy!!  Did I really just say that?
This was an interesting visit, I do not think I went on a visit before I attended.  I just applied and went, the kids now get to interview prospective colleges to see if that is where they want to go.  I did a drive through on the way to the beach with my parents and said, yeah I think I would like to go here and then applied.  I like the interview process, the college sort of helps the student find them selves and sometimes figure out what they want to major in.  Our interview yesterday may have helped Sprat really decide what he wants to do.  I was very impressed with what they have to offer in the way of helping the student find work after graduation and the opportunities that will be available to him while he is there.  I think this college moved up to number one.
We have two more to do in a week or so and then I think he will be ready to make up his mind.  Oh, and let us not forget the Prom in four more weeks.  Stay tuned.. . .

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Updates. . . Prom, Sick, Work. . .

Drum roll please  ^-^-^-^-^-  She said yes.  They are going to the Prom.  Now begins the fun part, of finding a tux, picking out flowers, finding a ride, and figuring out where they will go to eat.  I have shared some of my fun prom memories with Sprat and with Big T since it is prom time.  Back in the dark ages when Paul Revere rode to make sure everyone got home ok.  Na, I am not that old.
The young lady, we will call her Miss C, is shopping for a dress this weekend and then we start thinking about flowers and the tux.  I may be a little more excited than Sprat.
When I asked him if he had asked her and he told me he was going to ask the next day at school, all I could picture was some lame question at lunch or in between classes.   He did surprise me though, he had a well thought out plan and it was quite good.  A little back story on Miss C, she is a trainer for the football team and the girls softball team at out high school.  Sprat said she is thinking about being a physical therapist, physician assistant or something like that.   The other day Sprat was supposed to have lacrosse practice and he was going to get Miss C to tape his ankle before practice.  Sprat and one of his buddies had gone out and bought some athletic tape and he had written on the inside after a certain amount was rolled off, "Prom ???"   I thought that was pretty ingenious, some may say cheesy but if you knew my boy you would say ingenious.    When he came home that day I asked how everything went?  He said, she said yes.  I asked, did she say just a yes or was there at least some smiling and laughter and a big ole YES!!?   He said she was smiling and laughing, he also said all of her friends were there and all of his friends were there.  I would bet she had a little bit of a clue  about what was going on.  I did make sure that morning that he had washed his feet and put on clean socks.  heeheeheeheehee.
Big T has bronchitis and has been sidelined for this weekend with lacrosse.  He has the worst cough, sounds like a goose honking  around.   Cough medicine is just not working.  He started on antibiotics, so I hope it clears up quick.
I had my six month review the other day and it was pretty good.  They said they will keep me on, so that is good.  I am enjoying my work, there are days that it is very trying, I will not lie, it is very hard to go back to work after thirteen years.  I am very thankful they have been patient with me through my training process and my adjustment to the fluctuating schedule.  Feeling very blessed and very thankful.
Stay tuned for Prom updates . . .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring. . .Prom??

My dear Sprat has found girls, I thought he would be like his daddy and not be interested till  college.  Spring has come a little early at our house.  One night I was chilling on the couch and Sprat came to me and asked, "what would you say if I told you I had a girlfriend?"  I laughed because I thought he was kidding.  Could my son really want to talk to me about his social life, he has kept me in the dark for so long on these sorts of things.  Sprat has never been one to talk and open up, Big T on the other hand, tells me way more than I would ever want to know.  Ok, so back to the loaded question.  I told him I would simply ask who she was.  He told me and I was not really surprised because they grew up together and have been friends all that time.  To me, it seemed logical and I kind of thought they were but I would never say anything.  This first dating experience did not last, I think because they were friends it made it a little weird.
Last night Sprat asked me for money for Prom tickets and I asked who he was taking.  He told me who he wanted to ask and again I was not surprised because he was quite chatty with this young lady over Christmas break.  I did give him a condition on giving him money for tickets.  I told him I get to take as many pictures as I want and he has to smile and be nice.  He reluctantly agreed and I gave him the money.  I try not to ask too many questions because Sprat is kind of like a scared rabbit, you do not want to make any big motions or loud noises because it might scare him away.   I have to tell you I am enjoying Sprat sharing this part of his life with me.   An hour or so after the request for money to buy Prom tickets, I approached very slowly to see if he had asked this young lady yet.   To my surprise he had not asked her yet but, he did have a plan on how to ask her.  I cannot share that just yet because he has not asked her.  He has a plan to do it at school today and I must say he takes after his Daddy  just a little bit.  I was very surprised that he had this all planned out, he has always been a fly by the seat of your pants kinda kid.
Stay tuned to see if she will say yes to my sweet Sprat. . . .  and to hear how he asked her.